Black Tea, Today's Tea

Jīn Sī Diān Hóng Chá, 金丝滇红茶, Yunnan Golden Silk Thread Royal Black Tea

#TodaysTea – Spring, 2019; var. Assamica (Yunkeng Shihao); Lincang, Fengqing, Yunnan; buds only, fire baked; 1600-1900m.

Infusion: 3g in 150ml for 1-2min.@95-100deg. C

Dry leaf aroma: “Jaffa Explosion” chocolate and orange, malty, sweet;
Wet leaf aroma: sweet, malty, hints of wild meadow honey;
Liquor: deep, rich, orange/red colour, with a soft, sweet pale malt extract aroma;
Mouthfeel: tingling, sweet, astringent, moderately thin texture, light;
Taste: seville orange peel, pale malt, vaguely nutty like brazil nuts, lingering tart, sweet finish;

Opinion: A Yunnan #PureGold tea comprised solely of fat, golden, furry buds. A light, refreshing drinkable tea.

An old man in Hohhot introduced me to drinking tea alongside beer at my regular pub. This tea would partner well with any malt forward beer.