Oolong Tea, Taiwan, Today's Tea

Jibian Oolong Tea

Summer, 2018; var. Qingxin (soft stem); Teng Chong, Yunnan; organic, Taiwan Style Oolong process; 1900-2500m

Infusion: 3.3g in 150ml for 20sec.@90-95 deg. C
Dry leaf aroma: subtle, mango, butterish;
Wet leaf aroma: strong, spicy, pepper, rüstern;
Liquor: yellow, with faint, elusive scent;
Mouthfeel: at first watery and metalic, giving way to a syrupy tongue coating with distinct peppery, prickly ash tingling;
Taste: apricot, sweet, cinnamon and raisins (when cooler) lingering retronasal floral , and spicy hints, underpinned by a distinct mineral, and lingering honey sweet aftertaste.