Oolong Tea, Today's Tea, Yancha

Jiāng Shān Rú Huà Dà Hóng Páo Wū Lóng Chá, 江山如画大红袍乌龙茶,Picturesque Landscape Big Red Robe Oolong Tea

Spring, 2021; C. sinensis var. unknown; 2000m, Haoshan Town, Wuyishan, Nanping, Fujian; 2-3 leaves, oolong tea process; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá#Tea#茶#Chá.

The dry leaves are large, dark-brown to black in colour, with a dried hay/straw scent with a touch of smoke, and a hint of chocolate. When wet, the leaves appear uniformly dark with a hint of olive green whilst the aromatic aroma is a touch vegetal, with hints of fresh cut cabbage, allspice, pepper.

The brewed tea has a clear, golden honey colour with a honey, malt, & Bischoff biscuit scent. It is thick, syrupy, viscous in the mouth with prickling, fresh, mineralish, mouth watering, sensation and sweet finish, and delights with the flavours of malt, honey, hay, and an aftertaste of smoke and carob.

3.5g of dry leaf was flashed steeped in 150ml of water for less than 10sec. at 90-95deg. C. The pack recommends 6-7g in 180-200ml for less than 6 sec. which is the full contents of a single sachet. This is a rather pleasant tea to drink.

What is frustrating about this tea is the total lack of information on the packaging. It is a gift set of what seems to be eminently drinkable tea that cannot be traced back to either farm, or producer. Is it true Da Hong Pao? Probably not, and therein lies the rub.