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ITA Certified Tea Sommelier Certificate (Update)

#ITA Updated their online courses and Assessment procedures. It has been over a year since I completed their online courses. I have reviewed the changes and refreshed areas in which I appeared to have become lax or deficient. I am happy to say I am glad to have redone this course after the last year year of personal exploration into Chinese Tea, and I am glad that I have grown and developed enough to pass ITA’s new Certified #TeaSommelier Certification. 😊😊😊 https://internationalteaacademy.com/

Addendum (March 2023) – The final segment of this program is to do a 4 day Residential Immersion Program at Pu’Er in Yunnan. Unfortunately, due to various setbacks, such as Covid restricted travel, I’ve not been able follow through on completing the program. Last year, Ms Zhang announced ITA couldn’t offer the Residential Program, and it looks like it may not be offered ever again, at least in the foreseeable future, which is unfortunate, really.