Black Tea, Chuanhong, 茶笔 Chá Bǐ - The Tea Pen

Huáng Jīn Bái Lù (Chuān Hóng Chá), 黄金白露(川红茶), Golden White Dew (Chuanhong Tea) Chuan Hong Black Tea

C.sinensis var. zaobaijian; Spring (before Qingming) & Autumn (after Bailu), 2020; Xingshi Tea Co., Ltd., Julian County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province. 800-1200m; fine, single buds; blend of late Autumn tea with some early spring tea, Chuanhong black tea process. #TodaysTea, #今天的茶, #JīnTiāndeChá #Tea, #茶, #Chá.

Small golden brown buds, some with darker/black ends with  biscuit, chocolate, caramel, dark stone fruit, white peach aroma.

The wet leaves are a uniform, vibrant, brown colour, with a cotton candy, light caramel, slightly acrid (like wood-smoke tar) aroma with hints of rose.

4g of dry leaf (1 sachet) was infused in 100ml of water for 20sec. @90-95deg. C producing a brewed tea liquor that is  copper-red in colour with a soft, sweet, malty, rose, aroma and transient fruitiness. in the mouth it is thick, creamy, mildly astringent, and sweet, whilst the taste is sweet, malty, like milk chocolate, with a rose-like floral scent lingering in the cup.