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Handmade Golden Eyebrow (Wild Climax) Jin Jun Mei Black Souchong Tea

#TodaysTea: Fujian, China. 手工金骏眉 Shōu Gōng Jīn Jùn Méi.

A type of Lapsang Souchong tea. Golden Horse Eyebrow. Tongmu Village, Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province. Developed orig in 2005 by Jiang Yuanxun. 1200m. Single bud. Spring, 2015. Hand rolled.

I’ve always found the aroma of the leaves of this tea to be somewhat challenging. Its spicy, aromatic , slightly acrid, like burnt pine, with hints of lavender and bergamot. The aroma does not present itself in the taste. Which is soft, mild, with a faint, floral, lingering finish.

The second steep brings out a creamy mouthfeel, a light spicy tingling on the tongue, and a bit more of that floral finish. If you love Earl Grey Tea, then this Jin Jun Mei will be found quite pleasing.