Black Tea, Today's Tea

Gǔ Shù Shài Hóng Chá, 古树晒红茶; Ancient Tree Sun-Dried Black Tea

Spring, 2019; var. Yunnan Big Leaf; Bing Dao, Lincang, Yunnan; bud and 1-2 leaves, sun-dried, 100+y.o semi-wild trees; elev. 1600m; #TodaysTea#今天的茶, Jīn Tiān De Chá.

Infusion: 3.65g in 150-200ml for 20-30sec@95-100deg. C

Dry leaf aroma: malty, plums, dates, raisins;
Wet leaf aroma: spicy, sweet, ginger,
Liquor: malty, peppery, earthy;
Mouthfeel/Taste: thick, viscous, syrupy, watery finish, mildly stimulating and tingling, with delayed sweetness;
Flavour: cut flower stems, malty, creamy, hint of apricot;

Opinion: The “other” Yunnan Black Tea, #ShaiHong kinda sits between black tea and dark teas, such as pu’er.

I found this tea to be an excellent pairing for a standard lager, its malty backbone and mild sweet and bitter finish contrasts well with a mildly hopped pale lager. Further, its mild finish doesn’t challenge or tire the palate.