Aged White, Today's Tea, White Tea

Fú Dǐng Bái Chá Huāng Yě Dà Yè Zhān, 福鼎白茶荒野大叶砖, Fuding WhiteTea, Wild Big Leaf BrickTea

#TodaysTea#今天的茶, late Spring, 2012; var. 荒野大叶, Huāng Yě Dà Yè (Wild Big leaf); Fuding, Fujian; leaves, with some stems, old #wildtea trees, slightly fermented, pressed tea brick; 650-900m

Infusion: 7g in 150ml for 20-30sec. @100deg. C

Dry leaf aroma: fruity, chestnuts, a citrus sharpness;
Wet leaf aroma: damp leaf litter, tobacco;
Liquor: deep amber colour with a mild, milk aroma and faint sweet, spicy hints;
Mouthfeel/Taste: Thin, moderately creamy, with a fresh, peppery bite, with a late sweet finish;
Flavour: spicy, peppery, fresh, with suggestions of camphor and mint;

Opinion: A subtle, clean, refreshing tea. Pleasant. Biggest tea leaves I’ve ever seen. As such, it is highly recommended to steep this tea longer, or boil it, to get the fullest flavour from it. Definitely worth chasing down.