Dancong, Oolong Tea, Today's Tea

Fèng Huáng Yā ShǐXiāng Wū Lóng Chá, 凤凰鸭屎香乌龙茶, Phoenix Duck Shit Fragrance Oolong Tea

C. sinensis var. yashixiang; Lingtou, Fubin, Raoping; Chaozhou, Guangdong, 1400m; Spring, 2017, leaves only, no buds (xiao cai mian, small opening), dancong, nongxiang roast, oolong; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá#Tea#茶#Chá.

Large brown to black twisted leaves with the occasional green tint, and a scantily pungent, aromatic aroma with stone fruit, black date, and raisin notes plus taunting hints of wood smoke. The wet leaves partially open to reveal browny-green leaves with a fragrant, aromatic, spicy aroma, with notes of long pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, and dried apricot.

3g of dry leaves were infused in 150ml of water for 20-30sec.@90-95deg. C producing a brewed tea liquor that was an orange colour, with an elusive, fruity, spicy aroma, a touch of jasmine, and late elusive hints of coal tar. In the mouth it is buttery, creamy, peppery, mildly astringent, and stimulating, while the taste is delicate, sweet, with hints of xmas biscuit, and prickly ash.