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Day Twenty Six of Lockdown

Panic! Distress! Anxiety… today, came the order that the external doors of the building will be wired shut at night, because some people were going out, under cover of darkness, in direct violation of the, “Stay At Home” management principles. For a fleeting moment our voluntary participation in this Epidemic Strategy, had become, a Curfew, and Compulsory Detention. 🤯 😱  

The, “Residents and Owners,” Wechat Group exploded with Civil Outrage! Anger! Dissent… A volunteer night patrol was quickly organized so that no enforced detention, in direct violation of Fire Safety and Building Escape Regulations, would occur. However, the curfew remains and will be enforced.

Volunteers patrol the community; The vegetables are being processed; It’s time for tea;

Single variety Dian Hong; 20 seconds; Pour the tea;

Do some dishes; Roasted Chicken Bone broth for lunch; Look wistfully out the window. 😷