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Day Three… Month Three

Am… early start to the morning, we must self-test before 7 am (I thought 6:00) and communicate the result to the building volunteers; Those with negative tests line up for PCR batch testing; PCR batch tests, one by one, social distancing for the residents, and atomize the air person by person;

There are many more volunteers on hand today, to manage the residents; We are entering a three day, “Silence Period,” where no deliveries can be made – the government has issued a, “Love Package,” to cover the next few days; Volunteers, plus 1, on the street; The government, “Love Package,” arrives at my building;

The supervisor checks my receipt of the delivery, off his list; What’s in the box? I do enjoy getting into the government’s… “Box,” it’s so surprisingly, satisfying… for which I am thankful.