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Day Thirty Six of Lockdown

It’s been a difficult day. All morning I’ve been raging against my own incompetence and lack of dexterity. Klutz does not even come close to describing my clumsy inability to do simple things. Kinetic, roaring, mindless rage.

There’s perhaps Fourteen, or maybe Twenty One, more days to go:

The volunteers do their thing; Process the apples, don’t let them rot… make apple cider; pressing the pulp;

Filtering the must; Each household was given ten sets of tests😳; yesterday’s yogurt is ready to refrigerate; a surprise gift from a neighbour, fruit and biscuits 🥰;

It’s the end of the day, a loong while back Side Hustle gave me a sample beer from their contract brewer, a hazelnut chocolate stout; I thought we were done for the day, but the volunteers have a heated exchange, or is it more correct to describe it as, “robust?”