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Day Fifty of Lockdown

Can I even call it, “Lockdown” anymore? Other compounds in our community have moved into lesser restrictions but we just can’t seem to take a trick. 

It is said that the darkest hour is always that, just before the light of dawn. Let’s hope that, “dawn” is not still days and weeks away.

A volunteer holds an insistent and blaring bullhorn; We do not do our tests under the South Gate rotunda; At the administration office community opt-in orders are sorted;

The East Plaza Test Centre is very busy, but orderly; Does the nurse wear a Smurf hat today? I chance a quick walk, and a few snaps, near the rotunda before someone can notice me… and take unwanted interest;

There is a commotion, we’ve received a new government sponsored family box of food; The volunteers make sure each household gets one box each; The vegetables are in excellent condition, fantastic!

Much to be thankful for.