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Day Fifty Nine…

Today we are under a new, “anti-gathering” curfew – half the compound is allowed out in the morning, the other half in the afternoon. Apparently, there were too many people, “gathering” and, “get together”-ing last night. We are not a Designated “Controlled Area” yet we are maintaining “loose” Controlled Area Epidemic management in combination with a a split population curfew arrangement.

Some commerce is taking place – fruit for sale; A volunteer sets up a sun shelter for the fresh food deliveries; And older lady receives some assistance;

Yesterday’s deliveries were left out in the sun but now have some chance to survive a little longer under the tent; Non-food deliveries are sent to the Hive; Some volunteers and people moving around in the compound;

Surprise! Another government food parcel; My neighbour signs the delivery sheet, to receive her box; Fresh vegetables, and staples, Excellent! So thankful. 

Now, how do I, not break Curfew, with a dog that needs to pee, every hour on the hour?