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Day Eighty One of Lockdown

[Yesterday, again…] Today caught me by surprise, I was not ready for it: I was still in “Thursday” mode.Some pPeople exchange a few words in the compound; This morning there are few people around; Toby does, The Shake;

A sudden knock on the door, without notice, we are being let out this afternoon – how can anyone plan their time? I guess our time is not our own to decide what to do with it; The golden pass to Da Run Fa, (RT Mart) I trade it away as I cannot leave the compound with the dog; Lunch! Bacon, egg, and cheddar on toast;

No one wants to eat Pork Luncheon, Experiment Time! Stovetop Smoker, let’s make some Burnt Ends; The Afternoon queue to leave the compound is not mobbed out; Burnt Ends made with Pork Luncheon meat.