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Da Hong Pao Wulong Cha, Big Red Robe Oolong tea

#TodaysTea – Spring, 2017; var. ; Wuyishan, Nanping, Fujian; heavy oxidation, oolong process; 2000m;

Infusion: 3g in 100ml for 1-2min.@100deg.C

Dry leaf aroma: smokey, slightly acrid, tobacco;
Wet leaf aroma: ash, moderate charcoal, wood smoke;
Liquor: dark tan colour, with faint elusive scent;
Mouthfeel: watery, thin, gradually thickening viscosity, mild peppery presence, and finishes prickly (Fish bones) in the throat;
Taste: mildly malty, smoky, later lingering sweet aftertaste, with a mild retronasal floral note;

Opinion: Da Hong Pao is a mixed bag for me, some days the initial smoky nature of this tea is quite the challenge. This particular tea seems to be quite one dimensional at first but is refreshingly enjoyable, and definitely complements smoked food, and bitter beers. In truth, it is probably too old and has lost some of its character.