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Ài Duō Duō Jí Yáng Bǎo Beì Y10 Chá (Dàn Shēng Lǐ), 爱哆哆吉羊寶貝Y10茶(诞生礼); Adoodoo Lucky Baby Goat Y10 Tea (Ceremony of Birth)

2018; var. c. sinensis; origin unknown, packaged in Shanghai; leaf only, rolled oolong process; elev. unknown;
Infusion: 2.8g in 120ml for 15-20sec@85-90deg. C

Dry Leaf Aroma: nutty, buttery, vaguely spicy like red flower pepper;
Wet Leaf Aroma: sharp, vegetal, pungent, buttery, undertones of black cherry;
Liquor: pale yellow colour, with a soft floral, sweet, and buttery scent;
Mouthfeel: viscous, creamy, stimulating, noticeable sweet;
Taste: sweet, milky, soft melon fruit, with a vague touch of apricot, and a honey, floral, retronasal hint.

Opinion: i know nothing about the origin of this tea. For all intents and purposes, I’d swear it was a Taiwanese Milk Oolong. The leaves appear to be quite large, and edges broken.

The name is strange and It would appear that this tea was a celebration gift to commemorate Adoodoo’s 10 year anniversary, as Adoodoo is a Birth Ceremony Cakes company.

As far as it tastes, the tea, that is, it is quite pleasant and easy to drink.