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茶笔 Chá Bǐ – The Tea Pen

Today I launched my Tea Blog under the name, “茶笔 Chá Bǐ – The Tea Pen.” For quite some time it has been operating under the functional name of #TodaysTea but my aim for the blog is for it to be more than just a collection of Hashtag postings.

So, What is The Tea Pen? Writing and Tea have gone hand in hand through out the ages. Great Sages have waxed lyrically about the qualities of tea, with both Brush and Pen.

I ain’t no great sage, but I do have thoughts on and around tea, and as a mindfullness action, it is a mode of focus to use the same”Pen” to write down my thoughts on tea. However, this is the digital age and the “Pen” is all but extinct.

When I look at the way I first draft my thoughts, I scribe those thoughts with my index finger on the touchscreen of my phone. My finger is my pen, and it is a little short and thick… chubby, you might say…

Sound, like the flow of water from the kettle, and the fall of tea leaves into a tea pot, (ASMR) leads us towards an engaged mental state. Say it slowly, “chu..bbi…” …Chá …Bǐ… The sound Chá (茶) in Chinese speaks of “Tea” and Bǐ (笔) invokes the concept of a “Pen.”

I write of tea using my finger, it is my pen, my 茶笔 (Chá Bǐ)… my “chubby” Tea Pen! 😜

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