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Tea is more than a drink, but a lifestyle. Recommended Video

Liziqi posts some wonderful videos about an idyllic village lifestyle: the production quality is fantastic. This video shows a concept of Tea as a lifestyle and is fascination extraordinaire! Such a beautiful homage to hand crafted tea in a simple way. Well worth watching. #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá

Fèng Huáng Shān (Mì Lán Xiāng: Fēng Mì Tián Weì) Wū Lóng Chá, 凤凰山 (蜜兰香:蜂蜜甜味) 乌龙茶, Phoenix Mountain (Honey Orchid Fragrance: Honey Sweet) Oolong Tea

Spring, 2021; var. Honey Orchid; Wudong, Fenghuang, Chaozhou, Guangdong; 300 y.o. trees, organic, hand picked, manual oolong process; 1000m; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá.
This tea was sent to me by my tea Tea friend in Guangdong, #引海茶业.

Infusion: 3g in 150ml for 50 sec.@95deg. C;
Dry Leaf Aroma: mild, sweet, honeyish;
Wet Leaf Aroma: aromatic, spicy, peppery, orchid, peach;
Liquor: pale yellow liquor with a mild, spicy scent;
Mouthfeel: moderate thickness, peppery, mouth watering, somewhat astringent;
Taste: floral, fruity, followed by a notable retronasal sweet spiciness, and a sweet honeyed finish.

Opinion: The wet leaves are insanely aromatic which follows thought into retronasal notes in the taste. There is also a late onset of minerality and earthiness, which I hope is a characteristic of the 300 year old, organically managed tea trees.

Jí Biān Yǒu Jī Wū Lóng Chá, 极边有机烏龍茶, Jibian Organic Oolong (Black Dragon)Tea

Summer, 2018; var. Qingxin (soft stem); Teng Chong, Yunnan; organic, Taiwan Style Oolong process; 1900-2500m. #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá.

Infusion: 4g in 150ml for 20sec.@90-95 deg. C

Dry leaf aroma: subtle, mango, butterish;
Wet leaf aroma: strong, spicy, peppery, resinous;
Liquor: yellow, with faint, sweet stone fruit scent;
Mouthfeel: watery, metalic, viscous, syrupy, tongue coating, with distinct peppery, prickly ash tingling;
Taste: apricot, cinnamon, lingering retronasal floral , raisin, and spicy hints, underpinned by a distinct minerality, and lingering honey sweet aftertaste.

Opinion: This tea uses fresh leaves of the Qingxin Oolong (soft branch) varietal: a soft stemmed “oolong” tea tree originating in Fujian Province.

Seedlings, or cuttings were then taken to Taiwan where a distinct tea style based on this varietal was developed.

Then seedlings, or cuttings were transplanted from Taiwan into the volcanic, mountainous region of Yunnan to take advantage of the distinct minerality that underlines the flavour of this tea.

Xuě Shuǐ Yún Lǜ (Lǜ Chá), 雪水云绿(绿茶) Snow Water Cloud Green (Green Tea)

Spring, 2021, pre-Ming; var. Dāng Shuǐ Green; Baijiang Union Village, Tonglu County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang; bud only, hand processed; 75-150 meters. #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá.

Infusion: 4g in 150 ml for 20 sec.@90 deg. C

Dry leaf aroma: hints of melon, and stone fruit – white peach;
Wet leaf aroma: vegetal, green peas, baby corn, and a hint of apricot when cool;
Liquor: pale yellow colour, with faint, barely discernible sweet, fruity aroma;
Mouthfeel: thick, viscous, oily, with lingering fresh, spicy, tingling, astringency;
Taste: florist-shop vegetal taste with a mild sweet fruitiness, a mouthwatering bittersweet finish.

Opinion: This tea is all tips, very small and fine buds. Its taste is refreshing and light, which lingers delightfully long on the tongue. This tea is worth savoring, drinking slowly, to enjoy the full experience of it. Highly enjoyable.

Yǐ Shēng Gǔ Shù Bái Chá, 野生古树白茶, Wild Ancient Tree White Tea;

Post-Spring Festival, 2017; var. 300+ y.o. wild trees; Dayao Shan, Lingcan, Yunnan; very young juvenile buds, Sun Dried, minimally processed White Tea; 1800+ m; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiānDeChá.

Infusion: 3g in 150ml for 50-60sec.@90-100deg. C

Dry leaf aroma: lemon, apricot, tangerine peel, hint of fresh ginger;
Wet leaf aroma: spicy, black cardamom, smoked ham;
Liquor: pale lemon yellow, with a dusty, cinnamon, vanilla, and slight candy cane aroma;
Mouthfeel/Taste:thick, viscous, creamy, mildly tingling, sweet, with a mild fish bone, prickle the throat aftertaste;
Flavour: milky, floral, sweet spice aromatics, with a mild florist shop vegetal finish.

Havin’ a bit of fun

I decided to play around with an old Australian Folk Song, “Flash Jack from Gundagai,” and wondered what if someone parodied it as a jingle for Bundaberg Rum? #Bundaberg#BundabergRum#BundyRum, #FlashJackTheBunndyGuy,

Fèng Huáng Yā ShǐXiāng Wū Lóng Chá, 凤凰鸭屎香乌龙茶, Phoenix Duck Shit Fragrance Oolong Tea

Spring, 2017; var. yashixiang; Lingtou, Fubin, Raoping; Chaozhou, Guangdong; leaves only, no buds (xiao cai mian, small opening), dancong, nongxiang roast, oolong; 1400m; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá#TeaDay.
Infusion: 3g in 150ml for 10-15sec.@90deg. C

Dry leaf aroma: scantily pungent, stone fruit, black dates, raisins, taunting hints of wood smoke, aromatic;
Wet leaf aroma: fragrant, aromatic, spicy, long pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried apricot,;
Liquor: orange-tan colour, the aroma is elusive, fruity, spicy, a touch of jasmine, late elusive hints of coal tar after drinking;
Mouthfeel: buttery/creamy, peppery, mildly astringent, prickly ash;
Taste: delicate, xmas biscuit, sweet;

Opinion: Today is #InternationalTeaDay. This is a pleasant, spicy, aromatic tea, with an interesting and entertaining name, and drinks very well.

Yǎ Ān Cáng Chá 【Hēi Chá】雅安藏茶【黑茶】Ya’an Tibetan Black Tea

Autumn, 2017; var. laochuan; Ya’an, Mendingshan, Sichuan; bud and 4-5 leaves; protected, “UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage,” fermented Hei Cha tea process, moderate pressure tea brick formation; 800m; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá.

Infusion: 5g in 200ml, percolated for 3-4 cycles;
Dry Leaf Aroma: aromatic, earthy, woody, syrupy, dried plums and dates;
Wet Leaf Aroma: mildly musty, damp, like a forest floor;
Liquor: deep ruby red with almost no perceptable aroma, very faintly “damp;”
Mouthfeel: viscous, mildly tannic and peppery, with a almost buttery-sweet finish;
Taste: delicate, neutral, “tea” like, wet wood and tobacco, with a lingering minerality;

Opinion: #TibetanTea is a post-fermented tea, or #HeiCha style tea. It originates from Ya’an, in Sichuan province. This style of tea was pressed into bricks and traded along the “Horse and Tea Road” throughout the Tibetan Region. The history of tea in this area goes back over 1300 years, giving rise to the claim that Ya’an is the origin source for “black” tea.

Zhèngshān Xiǎozhǒng Hóng Chá, 正山小种红茶, Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

Spring, 2018; var. xiao zhong (small leaf); Wuyishan, Nanping, Fujian; bud & 1-2 leaves, pinewood smoked; 1100-1400m; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá.

Infusion: a) 10g tea, b) 20g tea 100ml hot water flashed, topped up with 9000ml chilled, Nongfu Spring water and steeped overnight in the refrigerator, then carbonated with a sodastream device.

Opinion: At CBCE 2021, I recently learned that carbonated tea is becoming more and more a thing. Apparently, a China-based, beverage maker, (Daniel de Smedt,) is exploring the marketability of carbonated Zhèngshān Xiǎozhǒng Hóng, which is, fascinating!

There is quite a substantial difference in taste with a change in the amount of tea steeped. Interestingly, there is a notable tartness, sourness, that stimulates the sides of the tongue which may be due to the tea’s interaction with the carbonation.

Lóng Jǐng Lǜ Chá, 龙井绿茶, Dragon Well Green Tea

Lóng Jǐng Lǜ Chá, 龙井绿茶, Dragon Well Green Tea; Spring, 2020; var. #43; Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province; one bud and leaf, green tea process; 200-300m; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá.

Infusion: 6g tea, 50ml hot water flashed, topped up with 550ml chilled, #NongfuSpring water and steeped overnight in the refrigerator, then carbonated with a #sodastream device;

Dry Leaf Aroma: aromatic, fragrant, cotton candy, eggy;
Wet Leaf Aroma: vegetal, grassy, buttery;
Liquor: pale yellow colour with mildly spicy, peppery and floral aroma;
Mouthfeel: light, thin texture, mildly carbonated, mouthwatering
Taste: light, refreshing, pleasant.

Opinion: Summer is here and I’m looking for something different. I’m looking to see how brewing method changes the character of a tea, its flavour and body. I’m also looking to see how carbonation impacts taste and mouthfeel. This tea is floral on the nose with every sip, but carbonation seems to overly thin the texture.