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Changing Menu Images for WP Picture Perfect Theme

If you’re a recent visitor, you will notice that our site has undergone some fundamental changes. Firstly, we’ve decided to change from a custom designed website to a WordPress driven one. This allows for custom pages to be made that all respond in blog format. This is of interest to us because the most recent additions get added to the top of the blogroll, and people seem to respond to this quite well. This also means that as we are periodically published and work, tearsheets can be added at their relevant point in time, and the newest work is always at the top.

The next issue is that blogs in general are not always so photography friendly, however there are a few WordPress Themes around that seem to do a reasonable job. We’ve chosen to use Picture Perfect as our core design unit, as it also allows for a simple design integration of the TTG client selection galleries that we also use.

Now, one of the things that seems to be undocumented in the Picture Perfect theme is the mechanism for changing the images in the slider index on the left. Which is the purpose of this post (… so as I don’t forget sometime later and have to re-look everywhere to find it again….)

  • There are eight images used in the slider menu, [jpg’s with the names: 1 2 2a 3 4 5 6 7].  Why 2a? I’ve got no clue.
  • The images are portrait oriented and 240 px x 300 px in size.
  • They are located in the folder area, …wp-content/themes/picture-perfect/imagemenu/images and you’ll need ftp access to change them.
  • The number of menu options can be changed by selecting Network Admin (if you have more than one wordpress site) – themes – picture perfect – edit and then choosing Theme Functions (functions.php). In the line, for ( $counter = $count+1; $counter <= 6; $counter += 1) { Change the <=6 value up or down as needed.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient images for the number of menu items. Picture Perfect was designed for up to 7 menu items, as far as I can tell, I’m not sure how it’d handle 8 or more menu items. and whether they’d populate with local images. My guess is that they would.
  • Menu titles are set by adding Pages in the Dashboard and the Menu populates by the order in which you add your menu pages.
  • To link to external sites you’ll need the Link Pages To plugin, and you’ll need to leave the page content empty.
  • If you create a multi-wordpress site, then the theme needs to be network activated and then activated on each wordpress site and the menu changes populated via Pages on each wordpress site, which is a bit of work. if you want a consistent look for your overall Site.
  • Lastly, so that all Page titles refer back to the main page you need to go to Network Admin – Themes – Picture Perfect – Edit select Header (header.php) and edit the the first  a href tag in the body, <h1><a href=”…”> replacing the characters between the quotes with your homepage address.

And, that completes the most basic tweaks of this particular theme. It took us about a day to make the change over and to populate all the tweaks, then test, but so far it seems ok. One up and coming change to look out for in the future is the addition of a Stock Image library. More on that as developments arise.

For today, that’s what’s in my

Line of Sight.