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This Week in Photography – Assignment 2

As there are many blog posts, and more to come, from Picture Social members, “This Week in Photography” does not remain in the list for very long, so I thought I’d put the assignments on their own separate page, which kinda makes more sense than editing the original, related post or burying the assignment in the comments. So, here it is, this week’s assignment.

Assignment 2
Your Assignment this week, (should you choose to accept it…)

:- Explore Distance and Field of View (fov) as a compositional element.

What I’d like you to do is take three photos of some subject.
a) Close Up – This can be a macro shot, or zoom shot, but try to fill the frame with the subject
b) Middle Distance – Step back from the subject a couple of meters and shoot, or widen you zoom lens to some mid-focal length
c) Far Away – Step back even further or shift your zoom to wide open and take the shot.

Be mindful of correct exposure and other aspects of composition. Take steps at the camera not to overexpose the highlights.

Have fun.

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