Keep Moving Forward… 08.09.10

Taiwan Milk Oolong

#TodaysTea: This Tea is best allowed to cool Alter in the cup Drinking to allow its delightful mouthfeel to present itself and to allow the tea liquor to linger longer in the mouth. It really is a delightful sensation of a tea.

Taiwan Milk Oolong; Spring, 2019?; var. Jinxuan; Taiwan; leaf & stem, semi-ball rolled; elev. ? – 4g in 150ml at 95deg. C

The aroma of the dry leaves have an immediate apricot pungency. This tends to a peach aroma in the hot water.
The wet leaves are vegetal and buttery, (coconut oil?) with a faint hint of peach.
The tea tastes syrupy, thick, creamy and buttery, with hints of apricots, peach, almond, and a lingering, gentle coconut finish. Very pleasant.

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