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Photography and Work

I used to dream of being a successful photographer with a modicum of international exposure, to make my living from the biz, have my own studio work for me, and for others. But alas, it was a vain hope. I came to Vietnam.

I couldn’t find a sufficiently sized customer base, and I was not willing to work for free, on spec, and give away all rights to my photos. Then, my studio was robbed. My cameras and lenses stolen. I was devastated! Shattered, and in spite of replacing one camera I’ve not recovered from it.

My studio, now a sad and bitter joke, my business plans in ruins, my business? Truth of the matter, I never had one. Without customers, you have no business, and it’s only so long you can maintain the dream that, “If you build it, they will come.”  The robbery forced me to, “wake up!”

I still have a camera, but my desire and passion for photography has taken such a deep hit, that I simply walk away when faced with the prospect of, “Taking Photos.” I’d rather leave my camera at  home, than take it with me on the off chance of capturing a few shots.

I’m in stunning Asia! A traveller! … And the thought of taking photos makes me want to throw up! That’s how bad it’s got. Now, when I take my camera with me, its to stop someone trying to steal it, when I’m out of the house.

People still ask me from time to time if I still take photos? Sure, I’ll do the occasional portrait shoot, or documentation at the behest of a friend, but not much more. Now, I mostly shoot to document my food explorations.

The joy is just no longer there. … TT

…for today, that’s what’s in my,

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