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Is the Camera Dead?

I recently came across a blog article responding to some recent claims that the camera was dead. It was called, “Of Cameras: Traditional Photography is most certainly not dead” by a Mr. John Cary, of Fifty Shoot Shadows fame.

Its an interesting read, lengthy, but worth a read as are the comments that follow after it. This kind of dialogue takes time. What’s interesting to note is that not everyone reads all the previous comments, their engagement in the conversation is more directly with the author, like some private conversation rather than a public discourse. As such some peoples reactions seem to be one of, “How dare you comment on my comment, its none of your business, can’t you see I’m trying to have a conversation here?”

The two problems here are both of the Initial commentator’s making. First is misunderstanding that a Blog post is like an open discussion in a public space where all and sundry are welcome to read (listen) and then engage in discussion and debate, i.e. commentary is the discussion but it is not a one to one private discussion with the blog author. Second, is what I refer to as misplaced indignation, in so far as the commentator wishes to engage in discussion but does not welcome any criticism or counterpoint to their arguments or assertions, i.e. they’ve gone into battle (figuratively) wearing cotton rather than chainmail and expect the same level of impunity.

…’And for what it’s worth, the Camera is not dead, not yet, but technology is evolving at a rapid pace.

For today, that’s what’s in my,
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