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H&M Conscious Collection 2013

I’ve recently started doing some work here in Germany as a photographer for Brands Fashion. One of the things I now need to do is keep aware of how different clothing lines market their collections and pick up ideas here and there.

One recent collection that has been particularly inspiring, for me as a photographer, is the recent H&M Conscious Collection 2013 involving Vanessa Paradis. This campaign is really eye catching and has had favorable reviews from many people that both I and my wife talk to within and outside of the industry. You might have seen it on TV?


Now what is particularly interesting, for me, is the way that it was shot and set up. The catalog and advertising images are really nice and well shaped by a clear and carefully thought out concept which has been delivered well.











(all images curtesy of H&M)

I think you’ll agree they’re pretty stunning. What I find interesting is that on immediately seeing these, I was reminded of a photoshoot I saw way back when… late 80’s? mid 90’s? in some fashion magazine in Australia of a girl in flowing dresses situated in a derelict factory building that nature was reclaiming (I’d love to know the who, what, & where of that one, but just can’t remember…) since then I’ve visited a decommissioned steel mill in Saarland and thought this could have been the place, but I digress.

Please DO Note: I was not involved in any way shape or form with this campaign, or the shooting of it. I just find it interesting and inspiring.

Here are some of the behind the scenes images and some videos of the shooting of this campaign. Enjoy!

hm-conscious-collection-vanessa-paradis-ist-das-neue-gesicht-2013-3-vert-horz Vanessa-Paradis-unveiled-as-the-first-face-of-HM-Conscious-collection

(all images curtesy of H&M)


…and a discussion about Sustainability in Fashion.


For today, that’s what’s in my

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