Happy Post-Easter, 2013

Hello. How are things for you?

Just a quick update of what’s happening at Tsc Tempest Photography. The wife is in Dakar,Bangladesh on a 4 day clothing order Quality Control stint for her job. Easter has just finished and my son is back in school. I’m still attending German Language lessons to get up to speed with the local lingo, and I’ve started shooting for a Fashion Supply House. Its a sample Summer Collection. involving around 20 odd pieces of mens and women’s summer clothing items.

The shots involve modeled clothing and flat shots on white background. The modeled shots are done in studio and then a suitable background is then montaged in, in image development. Lots of neat little challenges with this. particularly with respect to getting the lighting believably right given the choices of backgrounds.

More news soon.

For today, that’s what’s in my,

Line of Sight.