Keep Moving Forward… 08.09.10

Guihua Oolong Cha – Osmanthus Oolong Tea

#TodaysTeaSpring, 2019; Made with Anxi Gaoshan (#Tieguanyin) YanXian OolongTea and Osmanthus flowers in Anxi, Fujian; Beijing Wu Yutai Tea Industry ltd, Beijing; stem and 2-3 leaves, light oxidation, scented with flower petals; high mountain source.

Taste: Creamy, sweet, syrupy, soft, spicy, with a mild, “prickly ash” bite on the top of the tongue, fragrant, floral, osmanthus, honey;
Wet leaf: apricot and peach, vegetal;
Retronasal: hints of floral, vegetal and peach pit notes.

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