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Facebook’s Guantanamo Bay

I do not choose this title lightly, for there are parallels in the real world that this situation mimics. The situation? Facebook’s Profile Review Process that requires Photo ID to Prove one’s Identity and thus right to use a designated Profile.


  1. One day you wake up, attempt to use Facebook in the normal way
  2. Next, you are confronted with a Log-in Request
  3. Then you are confronted with a “Stand and Deliver!” Demand to provide your ID

WTF!?! You are locked out, your Profile is no longer visible and you are confronted with the very real face of a “Toll Troll.”

  1. Now, you cannot log-in UNLESS you provide REAL photo identification
  2. If you do, it must be verified by some faceless, unidentified dweeb – probably the same dickhead that blocked your Profile in the first place.
  3. Once you’re logged-in then and only then can you use the communication system

That’s right, there is No Avenue for Communication with Facebook unless you capitulate, to their ID Harvesting Blackmail. Hence, for the last 16 days I’ve been running a Twitter Campaign (@TscTempest) with the hashtag #ReleaseMyProfile.

So why Guantanamo Bay? Well, without notice, or warning, or justification my Facebook Profile is no longer active, it has been incarcerated. I have no mechanism for communication with Facebook to discuss the issue, and I have been excluded from all online interaction, except for receiving group message updates.

Did you get that? Facebook sends me regular group page updates and no other communication. My Profile is in Facebook Prison, without charge, subjected to torture – fully constrained but still able to hear what is going on, actively encouraged to hear what is going on. And while thus constrained this faceless policy of Facebook demands at every interaction or repeated attempt to Log-In my personal and private data. This is Facebook’s version of Interrogation.

Facebook does not require Proof of Identity to create a Facebook Profile, yet under the terms of this Inquisition, Proof of Identity must be provided in order to safeguard the Facebook Community – from what? Me? A long time advocate of civility online, a proponent of being Firm, Friendly, Fair & Frank in the exchanging of online opinions?

The problem with this current Facebook Policy is that it penalises the target/victim of this policy. One is Guilty until proven Innocent, and even then, one’s profile is never the same again, nor is it immune to further targeting under the same policy. In other words, once a victim of this policy, one is forever guilty in the Facebook Universe: there is no proof of Innocence only the chance to recant before being put to Social Media Death – This is Facebook’s #IDHarvesting #Inquisition.

What I’ve come to realise in the last sixteen days, is that it is not just the disengagement from an online community that is lost, it is all the connections with friends and family that have been cultivated through the use of the Facebook Platform, many where there is no other form of communication or contact, not all of my Facebook Friends are on my Computer’s Contact List, in my Email Safe List, attached to Skype, LinkedIn, Xing, ICQ, or a Phone Contact. Thus I have been torn away from a community I have slowly, carefully, and decidedly built up.

Now, some might say, “just provide the documentation,” and in some way, this would alleviate the issue: pay the demanded bribe, give in to this blackmail, accept this act of corruption, capitulate, recant! And this is all part of the torture, and torment, that is Facebook’s Policy of unwarranted and unjustified Inquisition against Facebook Profiles by demanding Proof of Identity.

I am not a witch. I am not a terrorist, I am not a stalker. I am not preying on the unwary. I am not pretending to be someone. I am fully unmasked and declared, “As My Self,” on Facebook and I Will Not Surrender to this unfair, extortion of my identity documentation while others can go freely about their way, as terrorists, as predators, as stalkers, as trolls, as fake names with impunity!

If there is to be One Rule in the name of protecting the Facebook Community, then let it be the same one rule for all users of Facebook, or do away with the rule and #RestoreMyProfile!

For today, that’s what’s in my

Line of Sight.