Emulating Film

Presets, Emulators, Digital equivalent looks to film of old. Many people put a lot of work into this. I tried it out once, a long time ago …when the Earth was green…

The Flickr Group, Presetting Lightroom got off the ground and then collated many free Develop Presets for Lightroom, some emulating old Film Stock.

Recently, I discovered someone doing excellent work on Emulators, outside of Lightroom, Pat David, using open source software called G’MIC, which has now been converted into an online processing possibility at which is worth checking out.

The thing about Patric David’s work, is that on his page with all the emulated look images, we are able to see side by side comparisons of how the different looks appear on the exact same image. This is gold. Especially for those who might wish to develop or fine tune existing Lightroom Presets for similar film stock. This is really worth checking out.

For today, that’s what’s in my
Line of Sight.