A Brand New Day

Hello and Welcome to 2019 – Year of the Pig.

I am finally happy to say that this website is back! Up and running again. Over the last few years I have had to endure some heavy online changes. Society is changing. People are becoming less tolerant and are no longer so easy going. That is a shame.

In 2016 Facebook suspended and later deleted my Profile. I believe it was a case of religious persecution: they claimed the issue was that they could not verify the authenticity of my name; and demanded official government issued Identity Documentation, documentation that did not match my original registration on Facebook, as “Tsc Tempest.”

In 2017, my Twitter Account was flagged, and later in the year, my LinkedIn profile had to be removed. My MSN and Hotmail accounts became un-recoverable, and many online membership groups and sites became defunct.

Then in 2018 Bluehost killed my website and when I tried to initiate a transfer of Domain Registration (DR) away from Bluehost, their newly (at the time) implemented policy regarding GDPR meant that all the Privacy Settings were arbitrarily changed, and reversing this to enable DR Transfer took almost a year to process. Had they not done away with their Tech Support Ticket process, AND had I not posted daily to their Online Chat Tech Support, I could comfortably say the would still not be resolved.

However, it is all sorted now, it is a Brand New Day!

Site Changes include changes to the site name and the focus; I am no longer freelancing or running my own studio, as my “business?” has been effectively killed both in Social Media and as an Online Presence.

I have also moved to Shanghai with my family and I am exploring new things and ideas, including scanning old film shot during my first visit to China in 2000. There are over 4000 images so the scanning does take its toll.

This has led to the task of re-cataloging all my images, both film and digital, and creating a viable, long term, backup strategy. Funnily enough, DVD media is not the long term, shelf stable, storage I had believed it to be. I’ve pretty much lost everything from 2009-2010.

Lightroom and Photoshop have changed. So has Kumu, and CreativeLive, and MasterClass, and my life circumstances. BUT it is a Brand New Day!

My website is finally back online and once again, in my…

Line of Sight.